one day the stings will heal over and the wounds will regenerate
just like my swollen insides that are too crushed to procreate
i sit and swell while other girls smile in your embrace
and nothing really matters anyway, anyway
i sleep alone in shadows of my happy yesterdays
that swim in recollections of a dream i had today
the same one every night, it was of your hazel eyes
you rip me open screaming as i push away the cries
i tear up at the thiught of never being beside you
why does it even matter after all youve put me through
i didnt deserve any of it but only i am to blame
for allowing all these messed up games to cover my intent
cuz i loved u i couldnt help it and i couldnt resist your face
when you asked me baby just one more time juat for one more taste
how could i resist when i liked someone like you
lied to myself and what good did that do
i en up with these memories and wasted fucking years
feelings i have to hide and my streaming face of tears
i got to let go, but i said this years ago
when will i ever learn
when will these feelings go
i dont want them

and now ima crying cuz i cant feel your texture
i need to call it quits before i loose the sanity i have left
your eyes rob me of the past five years holed up in your bedroom
nd sharing it with whores that remain nameless and ill bet you
that you havrnt given a single thought to me outside our meetings
your lips dont even try to touch me when we’re holdin figures
ive lived in such a broken fucked up silly dumb arrangement
that hurt me more than you, if it even touched your psyche
i havent put a dent in your heart and that is all my fault now
to think i could change a man whore into letting something real happen
we could have been happy but could ofs and would ofs wont stop my crying
because it never would have happened and its better off that way anyways
cuz when i think of you my stomach in knots Abd feelings go into a frenzy
we never would have worked cuz i feel too much and you only feel the inside of me
sex is more then just mashing two genitals together til they make a sound
i honestly givea piece of myself everytime i give it up
and theres so many pieces swirling inside now that ive lost a chunk of myself
years of giving too many shits to count has led me into this
its only my fault because i could have syopped it but i was weak under your spell
cast it upon some other bitch cuz ive given too much of myself
you never cared your heArt is a literal stone
no woman could ever penetrate
go for the whores half your age and see what kind of loyalty theyll reciprocate

mgmt tip

mgmt tip

i love you

listen slowly to the to and fro your lips percieve your heart to find
your a speckled feature im a creature looking more to life
is it always sideways beneath rows of layers stacked in threes
in the bitter garden that romanticizes me and you
your lip begins to quiver and its movement tugs my heartstrings so
as we begin to remember the many miles we loved and lost our souls
but summer heeds to september and the dawning comes of a new age
everywhere our head spins at the newest look and latest craze
and robot arms extending holding out the gun we failed to keep
because guns are for heartless things with no concscious and no heartbeat
will you stay with me through the darkened days that are ahead
in fact theyre already dawning with all the crazy shit as you can tell
the more i read and see the more the heavy feeling wrings my head
and instead of floating i am waiting for someone to take my hand
to take everyones head out of this consciousness that keeps us down
we need the biger picture if we are to feel safe in what we’ve found
no matter what will happen this life is temporary and fleeting by
what comes after this life is what we’re living for, where spirits fly

come over you said
one evening in bed
i watched the sun set, the snow rise
in miniature droplets
the walls call me over
you waited for the clover
that you needed, to breath in
the luck u were recieving

i heard it on the fountain
that you gave your bleak reflection
to the eyes of those that watch out
for the betterment of no route
i can call a weak involvement
but the truth is that youll always be right there
where they want us

and they control your mind
your eyes
your lies
they wrap it all into a ball
in the sky
and permeate the love i side
all the wrong
And right
is a mess at best to express
your life
is all
the time you got here
so live right

remember when you said those words
remember the sounds that you heard
remember you would never give in
to the weakness dissolved in a grin
remember the feelings you said you would keep
in a drawer to remember the heat
they generated out through your bones
so youd recall their familiar tones

and when the lives stopped to dive in mid air
and the cliffs crash you down dont be scared
for the universe inside you calls
for the wisdom to remember all
of this life is a wave from the past
and this morning wont be one to last
time forever shapes an reshapes our world
just like ours will be one to unfurl

let your passions run you over run you down with pain and love
raising eyebrows to the skies so sweetly seated as above
i can barely hear the breathing of the night you forewarned me of
slowly seeped through golden seaming lining crying bleeding doves
in the waste youve longed to tell her of the eyes you see her through
not so long now is a fever that will break me into you
ive slowed just to feel your limber swollen eyelids heave to close
in the wide field open tinders rise to fires heated few
and your lies live just to tell of miles driven to reach who
as ive waited for you darling your lips reek of tales to tell
yet your heart is wallpwed in the times youve wished you knew so well
tell me now beautiful stranger how weve grown together slow
how our hearts flutter each time our breath breathes in each of our own
beautiful lips sewn together in the eyes of all mankind
in this froZen chilling winter we stay warm to lullabyes


Gummies or jelly sweets are a broad, general type of Gelatin-based, chewy candy.Gelatin is a translucent, colorless, odorless, and nearly tasteless substance that is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage and bones from animals. It’s made primarily from the stuff meat industries have left over - we’re talking about pork skins and cattle bones. Yummy !!!


Gummies or jelly sweets are a broad, general type of Gelatin-based, chewy candy.

Gelatin is a translucent, colorless, odorless, and nearly tasteless substance that is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage and bones from animals. It’s made primarily from the stuff meat industries have left over - we’re talking about pork skins and cattle bones. Yummy !!!

There’s no time for romanticizing pain and agony, your insides cry out for love and mercy, give your lovely mind the care it strives to apply to daily life, it needs some time to unwind just like your feet someties

Feelin POetic

There are many things that contribute to being a human being, having a heart beat, having a mind that can remember the tiniest detail of the most mundane day and that can forget the most important details of things that can determine your life. Having two hands that can make anything we desire, that can turn our thooughts to a physical thing, that can type words that we think into a letter that can be read slowly and carefully understood by it’s recipient. Our love has the power to move us in incalculable ways, in ways that really are the strongest means of use of our limited but still vast power. Love is really what gets us up in the morning and what makes our insides turn and quiver, in esctasy or in utter turmoil. It has the power to make the darkest days bright, and cover the sunshine in a cloud of greay wen our hearts feel heavy. It makes us learn more about ourselves than we could ever learn alone, because others teach us that we’re one entity in a giant universe of beings, and all we ever dreamt for was someone to share the experiece with. To make us feel like part of the whole. To connect and share our cozy, mushy, mutilated insides with someone else because in essence, our lives are coated in a soft sugary coating that drip from others lives. Our similarities make us stronger, smarter and more aware of the giant myth, the beautiful secret of living, even though it makes us ultimately more confused. The point is to accept the confusion because that is what we were given, and find solace in the love of others. The love that tickles your ears when you hear his name on your tongue, silver and sweet like the melting tip of an icicle on your breath. The love that slips through fingertips on darkened nights alone on bedsheets, dreaming of the past and hoping for a future speckled with more memories that will bring smiles to lonely nights. Because the past never escapes us if only to teach us to smile, to cherish lives that were given at this precise moment, because our thoughts are entwined toether on a bed of marbles, constantly aware and evolving with every footstep attempted on slippery glass floors, on mirrored dreams enchanting our silvery thought process. Our smiles are miles wide and they’ll continue to shine, as long as we keep what cares close and what doesn’t at a safe distance, leaving our petty worries at bay. They do not comprise who you are, and will forever attempt to diminish your abilities to rise above the petty cares of daily live, of worries and fears that haunt you sometimes and cause you to cease your love. In those times, love will save you, the unconditional type that cares about beings and cares about light and laughter, and doesn’t live for today and doesn’t mind when things don’t go their way, because these things don’t phase the mind living in the big picture. They don’t lessen the love inside your eyes that can’t stop glowing. And when they try to defeat you, becking in the darkness and grasping onto something, anything to hold onto, you’ll be flying through golden skies of honey silkened through your hair and shining, never caring for the fears of the world and always saving yourself and others through loving.





Last  night I took some mushrooms and coloured with crayons. This is the result

those are… actually pretty good

Oh my lanta

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